My first blog post…yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Well, here I am!  After many years of saying I was going to start my own site to have a place for my travel journaling and pictures I finally did it!  I decided there’s no better time than a gloomy, rainy afternoon to try to learn a new technology.  I’m hoping this will be a place for three things I love…travel, photography, and writing to be combined in one location. My goal is to feel comfortable enough with how this site works to keep up with posts and pictures when we go to Europe in a couple weeks.

I’m starting with a handful of old pictures here so I can see how this works.  These are from our last great trip to Europe — a Baltic cruise in 2014.




We took a wonderful tour of some of the small Dutch villages around Amsterdam.  This picture was taken in Volendam.


The view from our balcony in Stockholm. 🙂

That wasn’t too difficult!  Here are a few more:

Shoe Planters

Somewhere in The Netherlands


St. Petersburg

Copenhagen Artist


That’s all for now…just a trial.  I’ll probably try to post a short entry and a few pictures every couple days so I’m comfortable (and faster!) by the time we leave.

ANOTHER TEST — I’m going to play with the app a little too.  Here’s a picture from Fredericksburg last weekend:









One thought on “My first blog post…yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

  1. Wow… the pictures are beautiful and they look very profesional Cindy 😉 I am glad you and your husband had a fantastic time in Cartagena, the most beautiful city in my country.


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