What’s Behind Door Number 1?

I admit to being something of a door and window junkie. I especially love doors. With that in mind, Valletta, Malta was a dream. I just thought I should warn you, because you’re going to see a few!☺️ 

We arrived in Valletta on Saturday morning for an overnight stay. We didn’t have anything planned for the morning, so I spent some much needed quality time with my friends Balcony and Coffee, and later we walked around the waterfront area for a while. 

Back to the doors…to find the doors requires a good local guide, and we loved our late afternoon walking photography tour with Dragana Rankovic of Photograph Malta. There were only four of us (2 couples), so the tour was very much tailored to our needs and interests. Dragana showed us highlights and hidden gems of Valletta, and helped with the technical aspects of photography too.  We walked around Valletta exploring many streets we never would have found on our own. This was another “exercise” tour…Valletta is very hilly! Something that surprised me was the number of homes that are unoccupied and have been empty for many years. Some of them were prime real estate, and I would have expected them to be snatched up and renovated. 

Later we took the ferry across to the neighborhoods/towns of Birgu, Bormla, and Fgura. We walked the narrow streets and enjoyed a rest and refreshment break at a local café. 

After our tour, Dragana helped us get a reservation outside at Trabuxa, an excellent Italian restaurant in the old city. It was a fantastic day and evening!

5 thoughts on “What’s Behind Door Number 1?

  1. So excited to have received this link to you blog. We will be taking the cruise in June although we did the same one with HAL 2 years ago. Loved it so much we are doing it again. Different ship so look forward to hearing your impressions of the ship. Your photography is outstanding. We are renting a car in Sicily this time so good to hear about the places you visited.


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